Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!

As so many players these days are attached to social media, we notice a new anxiety or pressure being placed on players to sign early.  As some schools (very few and predominantly the larger division I schools) early commit a player, the news spreads throughout the region through facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  Other players and their families now feel the urge to get recognized...the WHAT ABOUT ME SYNDROME.  All we have to say is...JUST BREATHE.

This summer, we were able to find a scenario that proves that hard work over time still equates to reaching your dream!  Matt Collins from Opelousas Catholic was a Senior that was not committed anywhere.  As a member of the Louisiana Legends, Matt and his family had several meetings about his future.  While we are sure that there was anxiety, he was continually advised to have Faith and continue working.  The advice paid off!  As the end of the High School season came around, a few offers were on the table to Matt.  Some just walk on opportunities, however a few others were scholarship opportunities.  He committed to Mississippi Delta (a Community College in Mississippi) that only has 4 out of state scholarships.  Because of the value of his scholarship, he was going to play for sure.  This is where Matt showed his true colors.

While most players “tap the brakes” and act as if they “made it”, Matt continued to work hard.  Matt played for the Legends after his Senior year and he played with passion!  Matt could have taken the easy road.  He could have gone fishing, taken trips to the beach, etc.  But Matt is special!  He showed up every week ready to play.  

The Baseball God’s don’t sleep, and it's not by chance (although it may seem like it) that circumstances arranged themselves where another player walked away from his scholarship at Northwestern State University.  So in August (yes...August after his Senior Year), Matt Collins was offered a scholarship and is going to become a Demon.  It not only shows that Matt didn’t take time off….but neither did the NSU Demons as they followed him throughout the summer.

In closing, we want all  parents and players to know that Hard Work AND Ability is what gets college coaches attention.  College rosters can change in a moments notice, so adding pressure to commit by a certain date is absolutely foolish.  Matt is an example of what coaches want, and we congratulate him on his journey into college baseball.  His Faith and Commitment to living right and working hard has paid off.  We are confidant that there is more to come!  So take a minute parents and players and JUST BREATHE!