Our scouts were there and this is what we saw.

Our scouts were there and this is what we saw.


Weeks 3 and beyond.  As we have seen more than 80 different teams now, we understand that there are games where “known” players do not make their presence felt in front of us.  With this being said, we are starting to cross check and go back to see some of the teams and players that the world of baseball says are high end guys.  With this being said, unlike most in baseball, we look for patterns in players and not simply potential.  This is the exact reason why we started the Southeast Showcase Series!  As we have the opportunity to see players on a more consistent basis as well as accumulate factual analytical data, the true “PLAYERS” show themselves.  We not only cover High School games, as our company has worked at the MLB level for 19 years.  Often we see guys who can REALLY run….but if they can not make consistent contact the speed becomes irrelevant.  Others have BIG POWER, yet again their patterns show a track record of swinging and missing.  The game or the industry is slightly misleading young players these days.  The “showcase” model discovers tools….and that is it!  It does not discover the players!  That is only done by being able to see athletes over time and understanding their patterns. 

  1. J Theriot - Vandebilt Catholic - 2018 1B L/L A Bat that works!  With more than 80 teams scouted so far, it has been tough to find many guys that stood out with approach and swing path.  Theriot was fun to watch as both his approach and swing were very good.  He was able to drive the baseball to both right and left field and there is a little pop with more to come.  He appeared to be athletic and may be able to move from 1B.

  2. Seth Traweek- Ouachita Christian - 2019 RHP Seth is a 6’4 180lb sophomore from Ouachita Christian. Seth has a good body for him to grow into as he continues to grow. Traweek has high ¾ arm slot and had good downward action on his fastball. His fastball sat 78-83 mph and his curveball was 72-74 mph with a 11/5 break. He did have a dead front side at times and was around the plate for the most part with both his fastball and curve . He did throw a changeup during warmups but he didn’t throw any in the game. Overall Seth is a good pitching prospects to keep an eye out for the next 3 years.

  3. Tyler Thibodeaux - Breaux Bridge HS 2020 C Tyler Thibodeaux the Northwestern State Commit is about 6’0 175 with a good frame to put on some more weight. Tyler is a very good defensive catcher. When blocking he always kept the ball in front. He had good feet and good hands when throwing down. His pop times were around 2.0-2.1 the entire game but never got a true game time since no one for the other team tried to steal. Tyler had a good swing he barreled up some balls but were right at some people. He was very balanced at the point of contact and looks to be a gap to gap hitter.

  4. Braylon Joubert - 2018 Northshore HS R/L 3B. Legitimate power with really good barrel control. Above average defensive player with mid 80 velocity.Possesses Division 1 skills without question.  Verbal commit to Alabama.

  5. Conner Simon - 2018 Lafayette HS. R/R MIF. Beginning to finally mature physically which is enhancing his already good skill set as a potential next level MIF. As his ability to drive the ball becomes more consistent as a result of maturation, his value as a prospect will increases.He possesses good feet and hands with above average range. Present skills push him to 2nd at the next level. However, if he continues to progress in getting stronger, there is no question he could remain at SS.

  6. Grayson Kash - OF R/R 2018  Hardin Jefferson HS Tx. Athletic outfielder. 4.4 Home/1st Very aggressive player. High energy with beyond high school tools.

  7. Trevor Comstock - RHP/ 3B  2018 Tarkington HS Tx. 5’11 180. Not yet polished but possesses a heavy fastball at consistent 84-85 velocity. Competitive with closer like demeanor. Curveball was effective and sometime explosive. Could see him transitioning to a slider as he matures.Velocity will reach high 80’s by the time he graduates, With a better understanding of the delivery and the absolute principles associated with good rhythm regardless of style he could see the 90 mark only that time as well.

  8. Logan McLeod - MIF R/R 2019 Hardin Jefferson HS. Tx. 5’10 150. Still very young and physically not close to maturation. Possesses high player IQ, good feet and hands and easy transition skills. Does not miss the barrell and has above average quickness. Does not possess impact speed but plays much faster than the stopwatch indicates.  It is just a matter of time before he grows into his man body and will a player all coaches would desire.

  9. Hayden Durke - RHP R/R 2020 North Vermilion- Hayden is a 5’9 155 will be a pitcher to keep your eye out for in the next upcoming years. He has good arm side run on his fastball that sits about 77-79 mph and his CB is also good pitch when he can locate it. His CB has a 11/5 break and he throws it just like his fastball and has late and break its a good swing and miss pitch.

  10. Conner Dupuy - SS R/R 2017 North Vermilion - Conner is about 5’10 170 lbs. Dupuy has a very good glove and range at SS. He made multiple plays at SS.  Really athletic and the hands and feet work well together.  Conner has a good swing and approach to hitting and will show some occasional pop.  UL Commit

  11. Drew McDaniel - 2019 RHP STM - Live game velo, not showcase!  Sat 84 - 86 on 3/30/17.  Throws downhill with some late action.  Good command of both sides of the plate.  The curve works well at this level but is ranging from 69-72. In time this pitch will be in the 75+ range.  We have seen McDaniel on multiple occasions and he has positive patterns!  His natural maturity and added weight will increase his velocity and there is no doubt he will be a Div 1 guy.  




In the 2nd week of tournament play, more teams were scouted with a little bit of cross checking of some of the teams previously seen. In total now, our scouts have seen more than 60 different High School teams.  So a word to players….someone is always watching you!  The downside of this is that we can not report what we do not see.  For example, all coaches teach players to run hard down the line (a hard 90), as regardless of pop fly or ground ball….players have the ability to showcase their foot speed.  Unfortunately, many players continue to run 4.9 - 5.1 on balls they do not deem needs to be run hard on.  This is why our first player stands out so much.  Not only is he a great hitter and a LSU commit...he plays the game all the time!  We also acknowledge that there are many players that we do not write about and we know who they are and many have committed.  But we do not go off of what others say or things we hear, we write what we observe.  So by no means are we stating that the players listed are the ONLY guys, but these are the ones that stood out on the days we were in attendance. In time, players will understand that EVERY GAME IS A SHOWCASE!  Play hard, work hard and you will succeed!


  1. Jacob Pearson - LSU commit from West Monroe - Left handed hitter that possesses more than just physical tools (although he has them as well).  Seeing him several times has led us to appreciate his skill set even more.  In a game against Central of BR, he ran a 4.2 on the turn on what was a single...but ended up being a double based on his intensity down the line.  In the same game, he ran a 4.3 on another turn on a true double.  For those that do not understand foot speed….an average MLB player time to 1st base for a Lefty is between 4.15 to 4.2.  Jacob did this on a turn...It it is quite impressive.  He is a very confident player and his approach to hitting makes the game slow down for him.  One of the best players we have seen this year.

  2. Tom Biggs - another West Monroe player that has a HUGE future in front of him.  While already verbally committed, Biggs can play.  By no means does he play his age.  Very high end player that if time serves him well….expect to hear his name tossed around by MLB guys in the future, as he stands out.  There is room for continued improvement, but this is why those players that have good work ethics tend to be the ones that succeed long term. Shows a big arm, good swing with power as well as runs average to above average. Where he progresses the most will dictate if he ends up being a Pitcher, Position player...or a rare 2 way guy.

  3. Clint Hargrave - OCS - Sophomore Catcher - What caught our eye is that this young player hits 4 hole for the team as a young player, and was consistently sub 2.2 on the bag.  The transition was quick and smooth, and with continued maturity….he has a chance to be pretty good behind the plate. Has a good swing and as he learns to manage at bats a little better, production will only go up.  Time is on his side as catchers that can catch are in demand.  His offense will be seen as an added bonus

  4. Jonathon Snuggs - OCS - 2018 LHP - not a big guy, but his 80-84 mph had so much intent behind it that it caught our attention.  Commanded the zone and competed.  Varied curve ball velocities from 66 - 71 but did so in a manner that works for him.  If his desire is to play at the next level….he can relax as he will have opportunities.  

  5. Brandon Davis - John Curtis  - 2018 SS - an exciting player to watch with smooth hands and an aggressive approach to the game.  Runs well, hits and even shows a little pop.  Not only does he have some plus tools….he has a PLUS attitude.  Very mature player and a positive leader of the team. All of this shows by the manner of which he carries himself both on and off the field.  Look forward to seeing him continue to progress as has a promising future.

  6. Dax Ford - John Curtis - 2019 LHP - was 83 - 85 with some late run.  Pitches with intent and showed an average CB (68 - 71) and a change that perhaps wasn't its best this day.  It happens!  But very promising young pitcher that will be a future college player no doubt if he lives right and works hard.  He is also a pretty darn good player...but based on what we saw on the mound….lefties that can pitch are high in demand.  Has a chance to be a high end college player.

  7. Greg Leger - Central Catholic of MC - 2017 RHP - although committed to Wharton JC in Texas, Gregory may have the biggest arm in the state.  Has been inconsistent over the past few years, but looks like things are starting to come together for him.  Against Brusly, Leger sat 86-90 (and there is room for more in his VERY athletic body 6’2 205).  At the 1A level, Leger is a man amongst boys and his 62 - 75 CB works for him (yes..as low as 62) but he needs to challenge himself to not simply compete against his competition...but to work towards preparing himself for the next level.  When the CB was 74 and up, has some depth to it and an average pitch.  However at times he throws it (and again it works for him now) as if he were playing wiffle ball in the back yard with some friends.  Change up is coming along for him, but a lot of this can and will average to above if he pushes himself.  His arm is so big this early in the season...pretty much any offspeed works for him.  When he is focused and throws with intent….shows some MLB tools.  Just needs to work on consistency and would not be a shocker if in a few years he is playing with one of the 30 MLB teams.

  8. Cameron Parikh - Airline HS - 2017 RHP.  At 6’1 160 lbs, Cameron may be a Sr...but has room to continue to grow.  Was 86-87 with command and competes!  Showed an average CB 72 - 74 but above average command of it.  Also showed the feel for a Change that was 73 - 75.  He can pitch...and if time serves him well...it is not a stretch to see him as a 88 - 91 type guy with command of 3 pitches.  At times, Cameron would “try” to throw harder...but the readings always go up when pitchers do not “try” to overthrow.  When he lets the body work free and easy, the ball comes out with some life.  

  9. Jackson Dennies - Rummel 2020 - Penciled in as a DH the game we were at. Not sure what positions he can play, but size wise he can play 1B without a doubt (listed as a C/RHP).  What was impressive was his size as a young player.  At least 6’3, 217 and showed a good approach to hitting for a young player.  Has some raw power already, but as he sees more pitching he has a chance to open some eyes.  Continued work on his will only help him, as he didn’t show much speed...but again this is why players really need to run (even if it is a fly ball to CF).  

    • Rummel had several good players, LaCoste, Ball,Cook, Francioni and Beck had some good swings and can play, but the guys like Franklin (2019 2B - that can run!) tend to catch our attention as they have tools and time on their side to continue to progress.
  10. Kole Myers - Jennings 2019. This LH hitting soph mid infielder is a very aggressive barrel finder.    High energy player. Good feet and hands and though young seems to be able to make all the throws necessary to be a good infielder. All the skills are in place. As for most, how much faster and  stronger he becomes over the next 2 yrs will determine what level of college baseball he plays.

  11. Gabe Robin - Lafayette 2020. RHP. For the second time this spring I have watched Lafayette role out freshman pitcher against a good 5A baseball team. At approx. 5’10 150. Gabe showed an early fastball at 79-81 with glove side command. In addition I saw a baby slider that was extremely effective and a changeup that was strategically used for almost 5 full. Defense, location on a few pitches and the moment ultimately ended his day. . He will learn from what was a great outing. Holding BR Catholic to 1 run into the 5th. Look forward to seeing his development over the next 4 years

  12. Jonathan Fincher - C.E. Bryd - 2017 LHP. Jonathan Fincher is senior left hand pitcher from Byrd high school committed to LA Tech.. Fincher is good sized kid at 6’2 240 lbs. Fincher had good command of his fastball with arm side run which sat 83-85 while touching  87-88 mph at times. He also showed he had good command and depth on his changeup. He didn't throw his curveball to much during this outing maybe due to the right hand heavy hitting lineup of Parkview Baptist. Fincher only gave up 1 run against Parkview and ending up getting the win with the final score being 3-1.

  13. Daniel Cabrera - Parkview Baptist - 2017-LHP. Cabrera stands 6’1 and 185 lb he is Parkview’s best player he hits in the 3 hole and he is there Ace. Cabrera is a LSU commit and he had recently competed to make the Team USA 18U roster before being left off of the final list. Cabrera has great command of his fastball pitching to both sides of the plate sitting 84-86 and gusting up 88 when he needs.  Not only does he located his fastball well his fastball also has armside run with a late sink. His changeup was his best offspeed pitch with it resembling his fastball motion and also having the same armside run and late sink. His changeup was a go to pitch while pitching in his last outing.

  14. Christopher Noble - Captain Shreve - 2018 Catcher. Noble is 6’0 175 he is a left handed swinging catcher. During the game no one tried to steal on Noble due to him giving decent pop times in between innings. His pop times during innings being anywhere between 2.0 - 2.1 he also makes up ground on every throw. Not only does Noble throw well he also receives and blocks the ball as well as any top catcher in the state. Noble didn’t get any hits during the game but his bat path stayed in the strike zone for a long time and he keep in hands inside the ball on inside and away pitches. One thing he may need to improve on is his foot speed getting him at 5.00 from home to first both times he ran to first.

  15. Blayne Enlow - St. Amant - 2017 RHP. Blayne is 6’4 180 lb RHP committed to LSU and rated the top high school player in the state. Blyne has a loose and quick arm with a simple delivery. The fastball did not live up to low 90’s he did sit 87-88 with his fastball while throwing it to both sides of the plate with doward action. His breaking ball was a plus pitch for him for while facing the hitters from C.E.Byrd.  Since he has been overpowering high school hitters with his fastball he probably hasn’t had to use his changeup as much at this level but he will need to develop a changeup for when he moves on to the next level.

  16. Austin Booth - West Monroe - 2017 RHP Austin the 6’1 185 RHP out of West Monroe High school is committed to play at Hinds CC. Austin sat 84-86 with his fastball while having command to  both sides of the plate this weekend in his start against Holy Cross High School. Booth pitched 6 strong innings while striking out 7, walking 3 and only giving up 1 unearned run and 3 hits against the hitters of Holy Cross’s  hitters. His put away pitch was his breaking which had late 11/4 break and sat around 69-71. After watching Austin pitch I think he will be a great addition to Hinds CC.

  17. Bryan Bergeron - Catholic Baton Rouge - 2018 OF L/L. 6’0 165 High Energy player with good anticipatory skills. Made (2) ESPN’ ers to both gaps. Is not scared to lay out. 4.23 home to first on both infield ground ball and routine fly ball to right. Good swing with gap power. Does not miss much when he swings. Also a LHP, but did not get to see him throw. However, has obvious arm strength after observing in and out before game. Good Player.

  18. Chance Stone - Sulphur - 2018 OF 5’10 165 Aggressive player with above average skills. Drives the ball to all fields. He possesses a flat swing and engages his entire body. His intention to hit the ball hard is apparent. He was in the 4.2’s home to first consistently. Good athlete.


In the 1st weekend of HS baseball tournaments, our staff was able to scout more than 20 high School baseball teams (while also seeing a couple of DI games).  While we understand that it is early, some players are already standing out.  Some of players we mention have already committed, while others are until now...relatively unknown.  With this said...we feel comfortable that these players will begin to receive more attention and possess the ability to play at the next level.   Our usage of the Next Level is a broad term referring to a vast difference of ability levels at the college level.  


  1. Cameron Wiley - 2017 RHP from Berwick High School (committed to LSUE).  As Cameron has been on the scene for a few years now and committed, his recent no hitter could be his breakout moment.  With his fastball sitting from 86-88 and the ability throw it for strikes throughout the game, his 12 to 6 curveball is a definite plus pitch.  When he throws the curve 74 mph and harder….it is really good.  In HS, the 73 mph and under works for him, but it tends to float on him a bit and will get him into trouble at the next level.  He showed a change up in warm ups and threw it once in game.  It is an average pitch for him at this point, but will become very important in the future.  Velo on change was 72 - 74 and had decent arm side run.  His lean body and continued improvement makes his upside one that teams should pay attention to.

    • Berwick had several other players that deserve some attention as Bradley Gray swung the bat well (and haven't seen many above average hitters yet) as well as Oubre got up to 85 mph on the mound and has a good frame (2017 RHP)
  2. Mason Pesson - 2018 LHP from St Thomas More HS.  A different kind of lefty as he throws from a low ¾ and shows a very unique arm slot.  Although not conventional...it works and his command of both fastball and changeup were outstanding.  Velo was 83 - 84 on the fastball but commanded the entire zone.  Change was 68-72 and could be thrown on command.  Has a 3rd pitch but with his arm slot and command...his he next level pitchability right now!  

    • STM didn't play real well in the 2 games we saw this weekend, but they do show some really good young talent.  As a program that has featured so many drafts and top DI players, it looks like they are reloading and it won't be long before the scouts and recruiters will be flocking to Lafayette once again.
  3. Jake Allemand - 2018 RHP/Left handed hitting INF of Central Lafourche.  Not a big guy, but on the bump grabbed our attention.  Very aggressive approach with velocity topping at 87 but sat 83 - 86.  What was impressive was what coaches are calling a slider...but we are going to refer to as a hard or power curve.  It was in the 78 mph range but had really good depth and a sharp late break.  It's not a 12 to 6 type, more 11 to 5 but he can command it and it works!  Also had some good swings with a flat bat through the zone.  Again, not a big guy but a gritty player.  Has some things that definitely make him a prospect to some programs out there.  May need to go through JUCO route to continue grinding it out...but a player nonetheless.

  4. Caleb Seroski - 2019 RHP from New Iberia Sr High.  Standing about 5’11, 155, Caleb has yet to fill out and reach MAN status.   His velocity reflects his lack of physical maturity, however his pitchability is through the roof.  With command of 3 pitches, his ability to navigate a lineup is outstanding.  As his velocity increases, his prospect status will only improve.  He is not a guy that will show up on the “showcase” or “camp” scene, as in 10 - 15 pitches, many recruiters will miss what his true value is.  

    • NISH has several players that will end up moving on to the next level, but at this point of the season, they definitely were not firing on all cylinders.  As a young Sophomore, their shortstop and leadoff Austin Norris does grab your eye as fundamentally...he is above the curve.  Young and not mature, some of his tools are still a work in progress, but his baseball IQ and defensive plays at short are likely underappreciated by the common spectators.  Likely will end up being a 2B at the next level, he will get plenty of looks in the future as NISH plays in arguably the top District in LHSAA.
  5. Bryson Broussard - 2017 (OF) although he plays shortstop for Loreauville HS.  Although Loreauville is only about 20 minutes from Lafayette, few scouts or recruiters have travelled out there.  Bryson not only has tools (runs above avg, throws above avg, hits and has some power) he is a dirtbag and competitor.  In his 1st game of the season, he went 3-3 with a HR.  He is their ace on the mound and throws in the mid 80’s and play shortstop when not pitching...but we project him as an outfielder.  He hits from the left side and several times have him running a 4.1 down the line.  Bryson is starting to get some offers but remains unsigned at this point.  He is a definite player at the next level and we feel he is a fringe D1 guy at present.  

    • Loreauville has a few 2017 players that will likely move on to the next level but also showcase some really interesting rookies (FR).  This is the same program that current Troy University (and former Univ of Arizona) LHP Evan Hebert played for.

    6)    Hayden Cantrelle - 2017 (MIF) at Tuerlings HS. Solid defensive player with an above average arm with accuracy. He possesses quick feet and hands with exceptional transition skills. He is a swirxg hitter that has a mature approach at the plate and is a consistent sub 4.2 home to 1st speed. Due to his obvious athleticism he could potentially transition to the outfield or move to 2nd base at the next level.  

    • As a team Tuerlings is once again equipped to contend for another deep run in the 2017 Playoffs. They have above average team speed as well as several LH hitters in key lineup positions.  A prime example of this is Nick Webre who is one of the best LH hitters in the state.

   7)  Logan Dubois - 2017 Catcher from Tioga HS. This is one the best catchers in the state of LA. that has not signed a Letter of Intent. A “Catch and Throw” guy with legitimate 2.0 and below pop time that is a strike thrower. However, what may be his strongest asset is his ability to consistently find the barrel as a hitter. There is no question that if he is not an everyday catcher at the next level he will find his way into the lineup due to his ability to hit. Gap power with 6.7 speed. Craig Biggio type of player that can easily play 2nd or a corner OF position at the college level.

  8)  West Monroe  - (Team) The 2017 edition of West Monroe baseball could be fun to watch. Several players among many stand out as potential prospects. Their 1 - 4 in the lineup not only hit with power, but all can run. In addition to those 4 players look out for Soph. Carson Jones, Catcher-3B. This young player possess some plus skills that are already drawing attention from the next level. Jacob Pearson L/L  OF 2017, Taylor Young    R/R SS 2017, Ryan Cupit      L/L  OF 2017,       Slade Bolden   R/R OF 2018.  All of these players will play at the next level.

  9)  CJ McWilliams - 2020 (SS) Haughton HS.  This young player is exhibiting mannerisms that       project him to be a next level prospect right now. Still physically immature, which is most noticeable at the plate. Approx. 5’10 / 145 he possesses a unique skill which is missing from the majority of HS shortstops playing today. He attacks every ground ball that is hit in his direction while maintaining body control and making accurate throws from different arm angles. Looking forward to following his development over the next few years.

10)  Bryan Lawrence - 2018 (SS) Barbe HS. Bryan is 1 of the many prospects littering the Barbe     roster this season. With another year of maturity he will undoubtedly become even more dynamic than he already is. He is very athletic with the necessary tools to play multiple positions at the college level. Hits from the right side with gap power, above average speed and good range at SS