2018 Showcase Series offers New Features

2018 Showcase Series offers New Features

2018 Showcase Series offers new features.

Official Baseball Blue Book. For decades the The Baseball Blue Book has been "the source" for data in reference to college and professional baseball. Showcase Series 2018 will be using Blue Book to collect data from players who participate in events. Players will now have a free account with Blue Book. You will now have access to (stats and all analytics) collected from Showcase Series events. Not only game statistics, but also the same player analytical information that many college programs and MLB now use in evaluating players. Flight Scope Radar Analytics and Metrics in baseball is trending. (Spin rate, exit velocity, launch angle etc.) This data plays a significant role in the evaluation of players today. Showcase Series will now provide this data. In addition Showcase Series will be attending this years Winter Baseball Meetings in Orlando to learn more about baseball analytics and its explosive impact on the game.

Below are the metrics we can obtain through our Flightscope Radar:


Pitch Velocity

Spin Rate

Spin Axis

Spin Tilt





Zone Command

Release Extension

Pitch Trajectory


Exit Speed

Carry Distance

Launch Angle

Batted Ball

Direction Zone

Performance Location


Spray Chart

Ball Flight Trajectory


Pop Time

Handover Time

Flight Trajectory