The Baseball Blue Book

The Baseball Blue Book



Showcase Series is excited to announce its new partnership with the Baseball Bluebook.  For many who may not know the name, the Baseball Bluebook is the most extensive database of college and professional baseball contacts.  Serving MLB, MILB, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA for more than a century now, the Baseball Bluebook provides the most detailed and up to date information.  

With so many companies out there doing profiles in today's world, Showcase Series has partnered with the most reputable company and provides everyone that plays with free accounts.  Simply by playing in events, all players have a free account and all of the data from events (stats as well as analytics) are available to every college and professional team at no charge to them.  Families of the players can research colleges as well as reach out directly to schools of interest.  

This partnership saves families literally thousands of dollars and the data provided to them by Showcase Series is second to none. Not only game statistics, but also the same analytical information that many fans have become accustomed to when watching a MLB game (spin rate, exit velocity, carry distance and many more).  

In 2018, our goal is to help even more High School players in their pursuit of playing at the next level.  In addition, the Baseball Bluebook continues to help Junior College players in their advancement to 4 year schools as well as helps players in locating college summer baseball opportunities!