Analytics in Baseball

Analytics in Baseball

Today almost every Major League Baseball team is using some form of Analytics to help them scout players and win games. The Houston Astros and Los Angles Dodgers played this past year in the World Series and both organizations have sold out on the idea of using analytics. Analytics are used to scout players, sign free agents, shift defenses, and determine how to pitch to hitters.

In college baseball, the numbers are starting to grow in the amount of teams that are using analytics. Almost every major college team uses some form of analytics to help them improve their chance to win. The success of the Iowa Hawkeyes is just one example of how much data can boost performance. Under head coach Rick Heller, who took over in 2013, the Hawkeyes have won at least 30 games every season and are on of the top baseball programs in the Big Ten, Heller's main innovation was the incorporation of analytics into the program.

Analytics are filtering into every level of the game. Showcase Series uses a Flightscope radar to measure all analytics. We bring Fligthscope device to college games, high school games, and now even youth events. We collect data that helps us identify players and compare their data to players at the level above theirs. Here are the analytics that we can measure: 


Pitch Velocity

Spin Rate

Spin Axis

Spin Tilt 





Zone Command

Release Extension

Pitch Trajectory


Exit Speed

Carry Distance

Launch Angle

Batted Ball Direction

Zone Performance

Location Trends

Spray Chart

Ball Flight Trajectory


Pop Time

Handover Time

Flight Trajectory