Where are they now?

Where are they now?

Here are some players currently playing Division I baseball that have played in the Showcase Series. Below is a list of the players and what programs they played for in the Showcase Series:

Masen Hibbeler - 2B at University of Texas from Bull Pen Bulls (now Hit King)

Parker Towns - RHP at Dallas Baptist Univeristy of The Texas Prospects

Tremaine Spears - 1B/OF at ULL from the Louisiana Legends

Nick Lee - RHP w Tampa Rays played for United Baseball

Nathan Jones - RHP now with Mets... played for Northwestern State played from Empire Baseball

Zach Espuivel - RHP at Rice played for C2 Baseball

Zach Watson - LSU played for Marucci Johnson

Jake Slaughter -  LSU from Team Louisiana

Brennan Breaud - SS at SLU played for Hammond Yankees

Matthew Guidry - IF at Southern Miss from Louisiana Knights