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Summer Baseball Teams

As players dream, so do their parents.  Parents want to help their children reach their goals, and in today’s summer baseball circuit….things are getting competitive.  Our goal, is to let you know the facts! About 90% of baseball players sign with Colleges within 250 miles of where they are from.  This means, travelling all over […]


Why Southeast Showcase

As 2014 was the 1st year of the Southeast Showcase Series, we made huge strides in the industry.  Now, others are following our lead and mandating rosters for players, and then providing this information to College Recruiters and Pro Scouts.  We started the advance deposit to eliminate the late withdrawing of teams which directly affects […]

Breaking News

High School Baseball is just about to get underway! If you know of a player that has been overlooked (or you are in a rural area), shoot us an email at and we will do our best to get some eyes on them. Have radar guns and stop watches and we are not afraid to travel!

Live Games

Senior Division

Junior Division